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Malacca Sun

This is where you will be informed on any interesting piece of news, upcoming shows/performance or even other artistes' concerts/projects that Aubrey may be involved in. Check back here regularly for updates.

February 28th, 2000

Live Performance in the pipes

Sorry for the long silence. First some good news! There is a strong possibility that Aubrey may be performing the 'Malacca Sun' repertoire in KL within the next two months. A club has approached us to do the official opening and the deal is almost done. Keep you fingers crossed, and watch this space.

Siti Nurhaliza

Aubrey will be part of the band going to S'pore with Malaysia's premier pop vocalist. The band will be led by Siti's own M.D. Ramli M.S. and includes a stellar cast of musicians... Andy Peterson, Gary Gideon, Hillary Ang and almost Malaysian Steve Thornton, among others. A second show is planned now that the first show on March 18 is almost sold out. Another Hello Kitty incident? Haha... not quite!... yet.